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Skoda Makes a Comeback

Skoda is backed by the Volkswagen Group, the design both style and engineering has improved greatly over the years. The 1994 model Felicia was effectively a reskin of the Favorit, but quality improvements helped, and in the Czech Republic the car was good value for money and became popular. Volkswagen AG chairman Ferdinand Piëch personally choose Dirk van Braeckel as head of design, and the subsequent Octavia and Fabia models made their way to the demanding European Union markets. They are built on common Volkswagen Group floorpans. The Fabia is based on the A0 floorpan, although the Fabia was released a year before Volkswagen released their new Polo, it is based on the same floorpan.

The origins Skoda Auto go back to the early 1890s where they started out manufacturing bicycles. Volkswagen Group’s Australian arm, Volkswagen Group Australia (VGA), announced in 2006 that they would be returning Skoda, which last sold in the Australian car market in 1983, to the Australian car market in October 2007. As of 2012, the Fabia, Octavia, Roomster, Superb and Yeti are available in Australia.

Skoda started production in China in 2006. Its 2009 China sales of three models Octavia, Superb, and Fabia more than doubled from 2008, reaching 123,000 vehicles. Shanghai Volkswagen now build the Yeti SUV since 2011. In the second half of 2010, China became Skoda’s largest market.

In 2009, Top Gear Magazine named Skoda Superb – Luxury Car of the Year and Skoda Yeti – Family Car of the Year.

Current Skoda Models

Škoda Citigo (2011–present)

Škoda Fabia II (2007–present)

Škoda Rapid (2011–present)

Škoda Rapid (2012–present)

Škoda Octavia III (2013–present)

Škoda Superb II (2008–present)

Škoda Roomster (2006–present)

Škoda Praktik (2006–present)

Škoda Yeti (2009–present)

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